Month: May 2020

Gardening Question Time with Mark Dodd – Head of Gardens and Countryside

27 May 2020

We know that so many people are spending more time in their gardens lately, whether they are keen gardeners or complete novices, there is no better time! Summer term is usually full of fun and informative gardening society events, unfortunately this term has been a little different for us all…. Mark Dodd, Head of Gardens […]


80th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation

26 May 2020

As the country marks the 80th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation, we look back and honour those Wellingtonians who were involved and those who died in the operation. The evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches of northern France in the face of invading German forces took place between 26 May and 4 June 1940. […]


OWs Eme Evans, Alice Garvey and Sasha Ansell take on the Rocketman Challenge!

21 May 2020

Message from Eme Evans ( C 14) and we hope you will agree that this is a seriously worthwhile challenge and best of luck to them! The Rocketman Challenge: 1 week, 10 girls, 1000km Next week, myself and nine others – flatmates from the University of Edinburgh, including two other OW’s Alice Garvey and Sasha […]


The History of Speech Day

21 May 2020

The first Speech Day took place in June 1859, just six months after the College opened, and may have been modelled on similar events at Rugby School. It included two Chapel services as well as the prize-giving ceremony. We don’t know what prizes were given, but by the next year Queen Victoria had consented to […]


Henry Duff (S 15) embarks on adventurous new business….

18 May 2020

Henry Duff (S 15) and friend, Oli Kriskinans, have decided to embark upon an adventurous business journey, HERD is a brand new platform where the stories you read are crafted by people like you. For more details about this exciting new venture please see below from Henry. Hello OWs, we’re looking for some exciting content […]


The last visit of Queen Victoria, May 1900

14 May 2020

This week we look back 120 years to a notable event in Wellington’s history – the last visit of Queen Victoria, in May 1900. Almost fifty years previously, Victoria and her husband Prince Albert had been very influential in the foundation of Wellington College. Albert in particular had taken a strong personal interest, helping to […]


If you love food and hate shopping this is for you! From James Faulkner (L 91)

13 May 2020

We normally supply a huge number of foodservice/restaurant businesses across the UK, however since COVID-19 outbreak many have unfortunately been forced to shut their doors and our sales in this area have completely dried up. As a result we have an amazing selection of restaurant quality products, at prices you would never find in the […]


Chad’s Challenge – 3.5 Marathons for African Revival

11 May 2020

We wanted to say a huge congratulations to Chad Miller, current student, who last week completed an incredible challenge of running 150 kms over 10 days, this is the equivalent of 3.5 marathons! Please see below message from Chad: I’ve had my A-Level exams cancelled, but decided to do something positive whilst in lockdown to […]


OW Dr Chris Redburn

05 May 2020

An Anaesthetist’s Experience of Covid-19 Your normal encounter with an anaesthetist is to keep you safe and comfortable during an operation, but it is our role to provide care for the sickest patients in the hospital, as we are also the doctors that work on the Intensive care unit (ICU) and attend all emergencies. Since […]