Month: July 2021

‘Into Battle’ – The True Story of a Bitter Feud at Oxford University

02 July 2021

A new play written by an OW with another OW playing one of the lead parts is to be professionally produced, performed and premiered at Greenwich Theatre 7-31 October. Into Battle¬†is a true story that Hugh Salmon (Hn 74) has unearthed and will be revealed for the first time in history. It concerns a ‘bitter […]


OW Dani Smale (Ap 10): Crypto Coach – Simplifying Cryptocurrency

01 July 2021

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain all make headlines every day yet amidst the good, bad and ugly information available, it can feel overwhelming to even know where to start. Crypto Coach is here to help people invest safely and with confidence. Started by Dani Smale (Ap 10) and four friends, they each got into cryptocurrency in […]