The Kingsleys Society

OW Giving Circle

The Kingsleys Society is our OW giving club. Donations are essential, particularly if on a regular basis as they provide essential and predictable support for College, year on year, whilst also allowing supporters to plan their giving. The money will go towards the Prince Albert Scholarship programme which provides young people of talent and ambition, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to come to College, the same life-changing education that you experienced.


The aim is to introduce OWs to the ethos of philanthropy and for them to continue a long-standing tradition of giving something back to Wellington. In return as a Kingsleys Society member you will be invited to an annual drinks reception as well as having access to a 121 career support programme.


Unlike many similar schools which benefit from an endowment, Wellington College is dependent on philanthropic support, without which we would be unable to deliver the dynamic and inspirational educational environment necessary in today’s ever-changing world. None of this is new. As you know only too well, Wellington was founded on the principle of service to others: a school for the children of fallen soldiers who might otherwise miss out on an education, with a stated aim for those children to ‘learn duty and a spirit of public service’. So, in terms of our scholarship provision, you could simply say that we are going back to our roots.


A question we are often asked is, ‘what is the secret to a successful school?’ The answer of course is that success comes from a wide variety of factors. What we do know, however, is that a common denominator of a school’s success is the quality of the relationships between the staff, the students, the parents and alumni.

To us it is a ‘no brainer’ that a school is greatly enhanced when it has the support and encouragement from these key groups. In most cases this relationship is the secret ingredient of a thriving school and we feel very lucky that we have such a supportive Wellington Community of students, staff, parents and OWs.

Philanthropy of the Community

Truly outstanding

In the last 2 years alone £10m has been donated by parents and OWs, enabling us to provide more scholarship places and improve the facilities to ensure that we continue to deliver a truly inspirational education – it is a staggering achievement and a tribute to the affection that the College inspires.

Regular giving

Increasing participation

As well as one-off gifts we have over 600 people giving on a regular basis which is fantastic and we would like to increase participation by encouraging as many OWs as possible to give a regular amount each month. If 15% of all OWs and parents gave £15 a month for 5 years we could raise over £1million for college.

Recognising philanthropy

Our values

We are guided, at all times, by the College values of kindness, courage, responsibility, respect and integrity. We recognise that the privilege we have to be living and working at a school like this, with all its splendour and all its resources, comes with a responsibility to serve others. To do the right thing. And this is not just about offering, as Sir Michael Wilshaw once put it, ‘crumbs from the independent school table’. It is about much, much more.

Widening Opportunity at Wellington

Prince Albert Scholarship programme

Our Prince Albert Scholarship programme is an important focus for us in the decade ahead and beyond. It’s a hugely ambitious plan but we are an ambitious school and in the next 10 years we want to triple the number of students receiving fully-funded Prince Albert Scholarships.

The wishes of our donors are obviously of the utmost importance to us and if you would like to talk about your gift in more detail or wish to direct your gift to other areas of the College, the Head of Wellington College Community, Murray Lindo, will be happy to do so.