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By supporting the College you will be part of a broad philanthropic community helping to deliver an education that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Widening Opportunity Programme

Prince Albert Scholarship Programme

The Prince Albert Scholarship programme offers the life-changing opportunity that a Wellington education provides to many more young people with talent and ambition who simply cannot afford the fees.
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OW Giving Circle

The Kingsleys Society

The Kingsleys Society is our OW giving club. We hope that all OWs continue a long-standing tradition of giving something back to Wellington, and will feel a sense of pride to do so and be part of something very important.
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Telephone Campaign 6th-20th April 2021

Over Easter we will be running a telephone campaign, which involves young OWs getting in touch with older OWs and parents, to raise awareness and funds for our Prince Albert Scholarship programme as well as being a wonderful way for our callers and recipients to share stories and experiences. We are delighted to have recruited a fantastic group of young OWs and you can find out more about our callers below.

I love singing and performing and so, just being able to perform on the G.W. Annenberg stage was amazing
Beth Simons
(C 2020)
I have witnessed first-hand the immense difference made by the Prince Albert Scholarship programme
Aaron Jiminez
(Bd 2020)
Being at Wellington truly made me the person that I am today and I do not think I would be where I am with the skills that I possess if it had not been for Wellington
Angela Hargreaves
(Hn 2020)
As a previous Prince Albert Scholar, I was intrigued. It presented an opportunity for me to essentially give back to the programme that gave me so much
Harriet Allesbrook
(Hn 2017)
My favourite memory of Wellington would have to be the sport
Jack Carling
(M 2019)
I am so pleased to be a part of this campaign – it provides the chance to be part of the evolution of Wellington into an even more diverse and equitable environment
Tara Sallaba
(A 2018)
I am really interested in the prospect of speaking to some OWs to listen to their stories and see what Wellington was like prior to me attending
Tommy Morris
(L 2020)
I am currently working on my own business venture to set up an international trade consultancy
Umit Abdulkasim
(Hg 2017)
I see this as both an opportunity to support a good cause, and a chance to have interesting conversations with OWs
Jonty Davies
(Hg 2019)
My favourite memory from my time at Wellington is a trip to Calais, working with Care4Calais to supply refugees with food, clothes, tents and sanitary items
Will Smith
(S 2020)
I had the most incredible time at Wellington, and I would love to help to give someone else the opportunity that I was lucky enough to experience
Georgia Basham
(A 2019)
I am leaning towards a career in the charity sector or international organisations
Lola Oates
(Hn 2019)
Playing on the Olympic hockey pitch in the Olympic Park alongside some of my best friends will be an experience and memory always close to my heart
Ella Redfern
(C 2020)
I loved my 5 years at Wellington so would like to be a part of raising the funds to allow others to have the amazing opportunity I had to experience Wellington life
Ben Webber
(Bl 2018)


You can give money to charity directly from your pay, a company pension or a personal pension using the Payroll Giving scheme. This is cost-effective for donors because the donation is given before any tax is deducted. You can give to as many charities as you want under the Payroll Giving scheme, and cancel agreements at any time, if required.


Many companies will match an individual employee’s gift to a charity. If your company offers this scheme to enable employees to support the College, please inform the Community Office.


By gifting shares or securities to Wellington College, you can make substantial savings in both capital gains tax and income tax, as donations of shares receive income tax relief of 100% of their market value.


Wellington College is always grateful for any donations given via CAF or other charitable foundations. Please make CAF cheques payable to Wellington College. Our charity number is 309093.


If you are resident in the US, Wellington accepts gifts through the American Fund for Charities in order to maximise the tax benefit to our US donors. If you would like to find out more please contact the Community Office:


Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer, giving to Wellington College with Gift Aid enables us to increase the value of your gift by up to 25%, at no additional cost to you. To make a Gift Aid donation, you must pay at least as much Income Tax and / or Capital Gains Tax as the amount of tax reclaimed by College. This is currently 25 pence for every pound donated. Higher-rate tax payers who make a donation through Gift Aid can claim some tax back.

Higher Rate Tax Payers and Gift Aid

Donors paying higher rate tax can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax (40 and/or 45 %) and the basic 20 % rate of tax on the total gross value of the donation. You can make this claim on your Self Assessment tax return by completing the section on Gift Aid payments. Otherwise, details can be given on form P810 Tax Review.

The tables here show how Gift Aid can greatly increase the total donation that the School receives. They also show how tax relief can reduce the net cost of the donation to you. For example, if as a 45% rate tax-payer you donate £10,000, the School receives £12,500 thanks to the 25% Gift Aid amount. The tax relief you receive reduces the donation ‘cost’ from £10,000 to £6,875.

For further information on giving to Wellington College please contact us on +44 (0)1344 444023 or


Anyone that kindly donates to the Widening Opportunity Programme, Leavers’ Scholarship Fund or Heritage Projects will automatically become a member of one of our philanthropy groups. All donors will have their names engraved on special boards and will be invited to the Master’s annual summer drinks reception.

Friends Gift level up to £5,000
Patrons Gift level £5,000 up to £25,000
Champions Gift level £25,000 up to £100,000
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