Month: July 2023

Cure DHDDS Charity Walk – Charles Dixon (A 96)

25 July 2023

At the start of July, over 60 people joined OW Charles Dixon (A 96) and his family for a 50km river walk from Windsor to Mortlake to raise money for their charity, Cure DHDDS. The Dixon family set up the charity in March of this year after discovering that two of their children had the […]


Waterloo Day 2023 – OW Reunions around the World!

20 July 2023

Over the past few weeks, OWs all over the world have been gathering to celebrate Waterloo Day! Waterloo Day is celebrated by some regiments of the British Army (and OWs!) on and around the 18th June to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo. OW Western Australia Gathering in Cottesloe, WA, on 18th June Our happy band […]


Prince Albert Scholarship programme supporters’ update

04 July 2023

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Prince Albert Foundation this year. As a way of sharing with you what a difference these donations make, we have put together an update on what our Scholars have been up to this term, including some of their many achievements and plans for the Summer. PAF supporter […]