Month: March 2017


30 March 2017

We welcomed back Ian Morris, Head of Wellbeing at Wellington, to talk about Flow, the state where your ability and the complexity of the task you are performing are perfectly matched so that you lose track of time and even lose your sense of self. This session looked in a little more detail at what Flow is, […]


Indoor Sports Centre fly-through

24 March 2017

An exciting extension of our sporting facilities that will enable us to uphold our strong national and international sporting reputation, with the addition of indoor netball, tennis and cricket facilities. We want to ensure top quality sporting provision for our student athletes to enable them to explore their skills to the highest level possible. But […]


Launch of new Leavers’ Bursary Fund

14 March 2017

Over the years to mark students time at College parents have been asked to contribute to a number of projects; including sculpture, benches, a sundial and more. Having spoken to a number of ‘leaver parents’, this type of approach isn’t always universally embraced, so this year we have a new initiative. For those of you […]


Helping Kids with Stress

11 March 2017

We welcomed back Dr Philip Hopley who specialises in stress, mood and anxiety disorders. Dr Hopley is Clinical Lead at the London Psychiatry and Psychology (LPP) Sports Counselling Service and consults to a range of Governing Bodies and Player Associations. He played rugby for London Wasps for a decade including two years as a semi-professional, […]


Parenting Teenage Boys

04 March 2017

We welcomed Claire Gillman back to Wellington to talk about parenting teenage boys. Claire’s talk helped give parents the information they need on the enormous physical and emotional changes in boys from 11-18, the different stages they go through, problems they’ll hit, school issues, encouraging positive behaviour, warning signs and how to cope as parents. […]