Chad’s Challenge – 3.5 Marathons for African Revival

11 May 2020

We wanted to say a huge congratulations to Chad Miller, current student, who last week completed an incredible challenge of running 150 kms over 10 days, this is the equivalent of 3.5 marathons! Please see below message from Chad:

I’ve had my A-Level exams cancelled, but decided to do something positive whilst in lockdown to help school children most in need.  My initial challenge was to run a marathon, and I began training in earnest.  I was due to do the run on 26th April.  However, government guidelines on how long we can be outside exercising has kyboshed my plan.  Undefeated, I upped the challenge and ran 15 kms a day for 10 days in a row – which is equivalent to 3.5 full marathons.  The Challenge started on Sunday 26th April and ended on Tuesday 5th May.  Please support me if you can on my JustGiving Page, and help me raise funds for the Emergency Sanitation Appeal for rural community schools in Africa.

Here is a brief explanation of what African Revival does, and the impact your kind and generous donations will have on these communities.  African Revival is a small charity that creates a BIG impact, working with primary schools in Uganda, Zambia and South Sudan.  They don’t just provide infrastructure; they empower whole communities – pupils, teachers and parents – to transform schools into thriving learning environments that build better futures.  You can read more about their work on this website

Poor access to sanitation facilities, and in particular hand-washing and soap, means the spread of disease is difficult to control in a school setting.  It is vital all schools have adequate facilities to ensure pupil and teacher safety when they re-open.  Permanent Hand-washing Stands – cost £744 each to build.  Many of the schools have poor sanitation facilities and little or no access to water, so African Revival also build latrines, boreholes and rainwater harvesting tanks.  An example of these projects can be seen on this short video HERE.

Thank you so much for supporting my challenge, and helping me turn a negative into a positive.

All my runs will be logged and verified.  Stay safe.