Month: March 2020

Before the Raglan ….. White Cairn

30 March 2020

Past and present students in the Raglan might be interested to know that fifty years ago, their House was in the middle of a major redevelopment! For many years, the house which is now the Raglan was known by its previous name of White Cairn, sometimes run together as Whitecairn. It was built in the […]


The Kingsleys – a look back through history

26 March 2020

Sadly Wellington’s oldest sporting event, the Kingsley race, could not take place this week due to the coronavirus, but today we’re taking the opportunity to look back at its history. Cross-country running was the first sport to be established at Wellington – before pitches or courts were created, it was the only one possible! It’s […]


Seb’s Foundation

11 March 2020

The Wellington Community Department is delighted to be supporting Jake O’Leary and Conor Morrisroe, who are going to be running the Manchester Marathon on 5th April for Sebs Foundation, both of whom were at Wellington College with Seb. Seb’s Foundation was established to bring hope from tragedy, following the death of Seb Adeniran-Olule, aged 20, […]