Widening opportunity at Wellington

The Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme is at the heart of our widening opportunity work. It is designed to offer the life changing opportunities of a fully funded Wellington education to young people of talent and ambition who simply cannot afford the fees.


We know from many years of experience that Wellington College has inspired and been inspired by having such talented, determined and joyful young people – it’s a win-win situation where everyone benefits.

Widening Opportunity at Wellington

The Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship Programme

An overview of our scholarship programme and our aims for the future


We recently held a virtual ‘In Conversation with’ session with Esther Ujah (Hg 19) and Dr Claire Hodgskiss from Royal Springboard, our main educational charity partner for the Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme. Esther talks us through how she managed the transition to Wellington while remaining true to her life in Tottenham and maintaining the friendships she had from her previous school. Dr Hodgskiss provides us with some very revealing facts about Springboard’s recent research on how scholarship programmes are dramatically improving outcomes for those young people that they place in the 100 independent schools that they work with. The stats show the enormous difference that scholarship programmes like the Prince Albert Scholarship programme make to those young people in underserved communities.

In Conversation with...

Esther Ujah (Hg 19) and Dr Claire Hodgskiss

We recently held a virtual ‘In Conversation with’ session…

Widening Opportunity at Wellington

Prince Albert Scholarships

We asked 4 OWs who came through our scholarship programme to tell us about what it meant to them…


Esther Ujah

Watch Esther’s journey of how a Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship led her to studying at Cambridge

Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme

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Read about some of our scholarship recipients

The experiences I gained at Wellington and the memories I now cherish have shaped my future.
Maya Stock
(C 2017)
My bursaries not only gave me a wonderful education but also built an attitude to help others.
Nick Prichard
(Bn 1980)
I always had a strong interest in music and wanted to take it further but never had the chance until I was at Wellington.
Bela de Souza
(C 2017)
A simple thanks is not enough to express my gratitude for what Wellington has given me.
Anna Sayers
(W 2014)
I was lucky enough to enjoy five years at Wellington in a fantastic boarding environment that helped me develop from a child to young adult.
Robin White
(S 2001)
I came from a small state school that had no ambition and provided nothing to the students outside of the classroom.
Millie Pughe
(H 2013)
Being the recipient of a bursary meant that I was granted an opportunity because someone else was generous enough to believe something in me.
David Kim
(C 2014)
Wellington encouraged me to be even more motivated and excited for my future.
Esther Ujah
(Hg 2017)
Wellington has very much changed my view of myself.
James Brown
(Hg 2020)
Coming to Wellington has opened so many doors for me.
Pelumi Agbedejobi
(Bn 2017)
The teachers were amazing, always willing to give up their own time to help you if you needed anything
Joe Simpson
(T 2019)
Being able to have so many options from Wellington, I am just so lucky and excited for my next steps!
Nicole Clarke
(Hg 2021)
The Prince Albert Foundation Programme and Wellington College has completely changed my life around from one extreme to another!
Will Hobson
(S 2021)


By 2025

By 2025 we aim to have 40 students fully funded through the Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme at any one time.

Widening Opportunity at Wellington

Prince Albert Foundation Scholarships

We are supporting the aspirations and ambitions of young people in the UK…

Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme

Supporter update

Alexandra Nash, current parent and Widening Opportunity Ambassador

“I’m of the belief that getting a good education is a right, not just a privilege so when I learned that Wellington is on a mission to widen the demographics of their student body through their bursary program, I got really excited about supporting it. I grew up in the US where I attended a fairly homogeneous independent school but after eight years there, I chose to attend to attend a polar opposite state school for my last three years of high school; a school that was multi-ethnic by law with many students from economically depressed backgrounds and neighbourhoods. I am no doubt the person I am today because I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with students from so many walks of life during those formative teenage years. I wanted to get involved with the Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme not only because there are some amazing children out there who if given the opportunity will add much to the Wellington community, but also because a great education transcends the classroom.”

Get Involved – Take on a Challenge!

We hope that we can inspire our community to be active in raising awareness of our fully-funded Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme – to make Wellington College a more dynamic and inclusive school – reflective of today’s diverse society.

Why not set your own challenge or hold an event that helps raise funds towards the Widening Opportunity programme? Here are a few suggestions:

Bake sale
Have an afternoon tea at home or in the office and ask your friends to donate to our scholarship programme for a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

Golf day
Club together and hold a golf day or choose us as your charity of the year.

Sport challenge
Whatever your sport, organise a tournament and ask teams to donate. Ask participants to ‘pay to play’.

Get musical
Ask different bands to perform or set up an open mic night within your year or house. Charge a fee for the ticket which goes to our bursary programme.

Quiz night
Everyone loves a quiz, no matter how terrible their general knowledge is! Hold your own quiz – teams can pay to enter.

Further information
To discuss your ideas and find out how to donate your funds please contact the Wellington Community Office: community@wellingtoncollege.org.uk +44 (0)1344 444023