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Widening opportunity at Wellington

The Prince Albert Foundation (PAF) Scholarship programme is at the heart of our widening opportunity work. We recognise the importance of playing our part in supporting the aspirations and ambitions of young people.

The PAF Scholarship programme was established with a clear objective of widening access by offering fully funded (110%) places to young people with talent and ambition whose families simply cannot afford the fees. Inclusivity and diversity are central themes of our educational philosophy, forming the bedrock of everything we do. Over the years, Wellington has not only inspired the young people who have come here on fully funded places, but it has also been profoundly inspired by them.

By supporting the PAF Scholarship programme, we can collectively create a more inclusive and empowering educational environment that uplifts individuals, strengthens communities and shapes a brighter future for all.

Widening Opportunity at Wellington

The PAF Scholarship programme

An overview of our scholarship programme and our aims for the future


Widening Opportunity at Wellington

Prince Albert Scholarships

We asked 4 OWs who came through our scholarship programme to tell us about what it meant to them…

Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme

Supporter Update

Read about some of our scholarship recipients

I always had a strong interest in music and wanted to take it further but never had the chance until I was at Wellington.
Bela de Souza
(C 2017)
A simple thanks is not enough to express my gratitude for what Wellington has given me.
Anna Sayers
(W 2014)
Wellington encouraged me to be even more motivated and excited for my future.
Esther Ujah
(Hg 2017)
Wellington has very much changed my view of myself.
James Brown
(Hg 2020)
Coming to Wellington has opened so many doors for me.
Pelumi Agbedejobi
(Bn 2017)
The teachers were amazing, always willing to give up their own time to help you if you needed anything
Joe Simpson
(T 2019)
Being able to have so many options from Wellington, I am just so lucky and excited for my next steps!
Nicole Clarke
(Hg 2021)
The Prince Albert Foundation Programme and Wellington College has completely changed my life around from one extreme to another!
Will Hobson
(S 2021)
I brought to Wellington a student who is willing to take on any opportunity, when given, and to flourish in it. Even if I do fail sometimes. The failure is what allows me to flourish.
Naomi Tchesse
(Hg 2023)
I got to try everything, and the environment was always so supportive.
Space Lutterodt-Clottey
(M 2023)
Over the last two years I have made friends for life and have been left with memories I hope to treasure for the rest of my life.
Casey Thomas
(M 2023)
The Prince Albert Foundation programme has been my gateway to university.
Alexandra Tiantova
(O 2022)
It is a truly life changing experience that cannot be matched. It has made me more confident and allowed me to make some of the greatest friends that I will always cherish.
Eszter Gerezdi
(Hg 2023)
Wellington has given me the best opportunity to achieve well in my academics as well as a balanced life outside the classroom.
Thierry White
(Hl 2022)


By 2025

By 2025 we aim to have 40 students fully funded through the Prince Albert Foundation Scholarship programme at any one time.