Building the Wellington Community’s Mental Resilience Podcast

10 May 2024

Patrick Melville (Hn 97) is a mental health expert and founder of Melville Mental Solutions (MMS). Prior to starting MMS, Patrick worked in the media and marketing sector, but factors beyond his control encouraged him to switch career paths and launch MMS in 2013.

Patrick has firsthand experience of dealing with personal trauma and having to build his own mental resilience, in 2017 he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer which forced him evaluate his own mental health and self-care. Patrick now collaborates with various organisations to help implement mental health programmes, his work is based on his professional mental expertise, life experience and personal trauma.

This podcast series is part of the Life Beyond Wellington programme with the main aim to assist pupils and young OWs as they transition into their post-school lives and further into their careers. The objective is to normalise discussions around mental health and provide practical tips and inspiration from other OWs.

In this first episode, Patrick interviews Sophia Miller (AP 17). Sophia candidly shares her journey of building resilience, discussing both her challenges and successes. Patrick adds his expertise and experience in mental health to the conversation, and both offer insightful and practical tips for the listener to takeaway.

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If you are interested in being a part of this series, please contact Patrick using the details above or Lucy Davies from the Wellington Community team: