Legacy Giving

A lasting legacy

Supporting Wellington College with a gift or donation in your Will is a highly personal and unique way of giving. Taking care of loved ones is an important priority when planning your Will but including a bequest to charity can also lessen the burden of inheritance tax on your executors. By including a provision in your Will to support Wellington College, you will be leaving a lasting impact on future generations.

All those who have pledged a legacy are invited to join the Waterloo Society and will be invited to a special supporters’ event each year.

Sir David Scholey, CBE (Bn 53)

Legacy Ambassador

“You may well have been a Foundationer yourself when you were at Wellington. While the need for supporting Foundationers has, thankfully, diminished over the years, the College’s ambition to ensure that children of talent and promise, but without the financial means, are able to attend College, is stronger than ever. I am delighted that the legacy I intend to leave will enable a student to grow in stature and confidence and take part in the Wellington life that has served me so well.”

Anna Sayers (W 14)

First PAF Scholar

“A simple thanks is not enough to express my gratitude for what Wellington has given me. My experience was life transformational and changed how ambitious and confident I am.”

Anna attended College from 2012-14. She studied Physics at Imperial College London and is now a Senior Associate at a global private equity investors.

The Prince Albert Foundation (PAF) Scholarship programme was established with a clear objective of widening access by offering fully funded (110%) places to young people with talent and ambition whose families simply cannot afford the fees.

Legacy Giving

The Waterloo Society

The Waterloo Society is for those who have made a commitment to support the College with a legacy gift and those who have indicated they would like to be a member will be invited, along with their family, to special events throughout the year.

A lasting legacy

Legacy Brochure

For more information about how to leave a legacy gift in your Will, please see our Legacy Brochure.

Please contact the Wellington College Community Office if you have any queries about the process or would like to discuss leaving a legacy for a special purpose.


+44 (0)1344 444023