Andrew “Wilki” Wilkinson, Teacher and HM

24 August 2023

Wilki’s impact at Wellington College was immense. Having served in the parachute regiment before coming to teaching, he taught languages brilliantly, was an inspirational HM of the Raglan, gave so much to the CCF and the Marine Section in particular, as well as being a leading figure within the College’s Christian community, via Open Door amongst other things. We were so sorry that he left Wellington in 2018 but it was to set up a charity for disadvantaged children and this noble calling was one he felt strongly. As everyone who knew him will testify, Wilki was one of the nicest, most caring and passionate individuals one could ever meet. He was one of life’s good guys, a radiator who gave out warmth at every turn, and who genuinely and deeply cared about those around him, whether a new Third Former, a teaching colleague, or a member of the College Staff. Everyone who were fortunate enough to have his infectious positivity, love and care for others in our lives will never forget him. 

 James Dahl

15th Master of Wellington College