Waterloo Day 2023 – OW Reunions around the World!

20 July 2023

Over the past few weeks, OWs all over the world have been gathering to celebrate Waterloo Day! Waterloo Day is celebrated by some regiments of the British Army (and OWs!) on and around the 18th June to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo.

OW Western Australia Gathering in Cottesloe, WA, on 18th June

Our happy band of Western Australian OWs met again on Waterloo Day and celebrated with drinks and snacks at Rob Gould’s house in beachside Cottesloe. We raised a toast or two for Masters, Dukes and Kings, spoke of absent friends and the door prize was snaffled by Humphrey. We decided to meet again for a quick pre-Christmas drink and then of course on Waterloo Day 2024.

Those attending, left to right, were: Robert Gould (Bn 66), Adrian Momber (Pn 76), David Irvine (Hg 89), Joff Ward, Karel Osten (Hl 79), Steve Graham (O 81), Stuart Hawley (Hl 00) and Humphrey Hale (Hg 86)


OW Canberra Gathering at the Royal Canberra Golf Club on 18th June

Six Canberran and region Canberran Heroum Filii and their partners braved a cold winter morning lunch event on Sunday 18 June at the Royal Canberra Golf Club. They represented every decade between the forties war years to the GenX 70s.

Despite times of some adversary and advancing years it was heartening to find everyone in excellent humour and their glasses half full. 


OW Sommerset Reunion at Oake Manor Golf Club on 16th June

From left to right (back row) Paula Wright, Robin Wight (C 63), James Luard (Bn 65), Edward Down (A 55), Michael Brooke (Hg 59), Patricia Todd, Alistair Todd (Hg 65), Stuart Dowding (T 62) 

(Front row) Mike O’Grady (Bn 56), Liz O’Grady, John Hemsley (Bd 53), John White (Bn 54), George Bower (S 52), John Hill (Hl 54), Chris Potter (C 65), Denys White (M 50), Jane Bennett, Tony Bennett (M 53), David Rand (Hl 45)


OW Singapore Reunion on 18th June

We had a great get-together in June to celebrate Waterloo Day at a very good local brewery. Typical of OWs, it was an opportunity to celebrate our achievements in a diverse set of industries, from ship-broking to insurance-broking to underwriting!

Attendees included Kenny Moyes (Bl 85), Jean-Paul Churchouse (T 94), Nick Wainwright (B 96), Andy McKimmie (A 96), Ed Foulds (Bl 96), Will Jelf (Hg 96), William Berney (Bd 98), Digby Warren (Hg 98), Dirk Horstmann (Hg 98), Felix McKeown (Bd 96), Barnaby Dobson (Bl 01), Owen Bolton (Hl 02), Chris Lambe (C 00), Madelaine Lambe (Ap 00), Thomas Peacock (Hl 04), Richard Gower (Pn 04), Will Blaney (A 05), Dominic Morrison (T 05), Ben Pratt (A06), Gruff Jones (O 05), Oliver Newland (Bl 12)


OW Boston Gathering on 24th June

A great evening was had by all, sharing school experiences and similar backgrounds with respect to moving to the States. A highlight, among many, was when Tom spotted his uncle in the Murray house photo that Richard had brought. 

From left to right: Tom Yardley (A 93), Richard Morris (M 74), Topher Woelk (Hn 94) and Alistair Pim (Pn 79). 


OW Gathering in Victoria, Australia, on 25th March

On the 25th March 2023, Victorian OWs gathered to catch up. It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by all!

Attendees included: Nick (Hn 87) & Sharyn Speller, David Myer (M 67) & Carolyn Davis, Hamish Anderson (Pn 71) & Ruth Vickers-Willis, Angharad Davies (Ap 09) & Jandre Slabbert, Steve (A 88) & Gita Pearce, Joshua Vicino (R 11), and Ruby Winter (C 19).