Cure DHDDS Charity Walk – Charles Dixon (A 96)

25 July 2023

At the start of July, over 60 people joined OW Charles Dixon (A 96) and his family for a 50km river walk from Windsor to Mortlake to raise money for their charity, Cure DHDDS. The Dixon family set up the charity in March of this year after discovering that two of their children had the ultra rare and newly discovered genetic mutation DHDDS, which causes a metabolic disorder. Children with these mutations suffer with neurological symptoms such as tremors, learning difficulties, and seizures. Unfortunately for many with the genetic mutation it seems to be progressive with worsening conditions as they get older.

As the genetic mutations are so rare (only 70 cases have been recorded in the world so far), and because they have only recently been discovered, there is currently no treatment available for them. The Dixon family are currently fundraising to allow for research into the DHDDS gene mutation, and have connected with a group of scientists who will work towards better understanding the disease and screening  for drug repurposing.

For more details, please visit: Cure DHDDS