December OW Must Reads!

29 November 2021

Our OWs are an incredibly talented group and there have been many brilliant books written by OWs over the years. This month we would like to draw your attention to two fascinating and very different books; ‘The Time The Children Didn’t Go To School’ by Annabelle Hayes (Ap 94) and ‘Stalin’s Vengeance’ by Nikolai Tolstoy (S 53).

‘The Time The Children Didn’t Go To School’ by Annabelle Hayes (Ap 94)

For any mum, dad, or carer of school-aged children, The Time The Children Didn’t Go To School is a must-read. When the pandemic took hold, our homes became the classroom and our minds became the engine room of education. These diaries document that time, a hiatus of highs and lows, triumphs and tribulations, maths and masks, whining and wine, rainbows and rosé – how did we cope? Will we ever forget it? ‘Annabelle Hayes has provided a wonderfully honest and entertaining account of the year we realised we just weren’t cut out to be teachers.

Annabelle Hayes started her career in the newsroom at ITN before moving to work in publishing, initially for Business Europe, a Barclay Brothers backed venture, before becoming editor of and She lived in the Tower of London as a student/Durham undergraduate, so is well versed to lockdowns, rules and restrictions. Annabelle is an advocate of flexible working and can provide commentary on the impact the pandemic has had on women’s careers.

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‘Stalin’s Vengeance: The Final Truth About the Forced Return of Russians After World War II’ by Nikolai Tolstoy (S 53)

Mystery has surrounded Britain’s decision to include among those returned to Stalin at the close of World War II a substantial number of White Russians, who had fled their country after the Russian Revolution and found refuge in various European countries. This volume reveals what happened for the first time.

Count Nikolai Tolstoy is an Anglo-Russian historian, he has devoted nearly half a century to the study of the fate of the Cossacks who were repatriated to the Soviet Union after World War II and has authored two books on the subject, Victims of Yalta and the Minister and Massacres. He is also the author of the Night of the Long Knives, The Tolstoys – 24 Generations of Russian History, 1353-1983, and Patrick O’Brian – The Making of the Novelist, among many other books.

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