Session sector: Networking

Tips for a Successful Veterinary Career, Dr Mark O’Byrne BSc (Hons) BvetMed MRCVS

09 June 2021

If you are interested in a Veterinary Career we would recommend you watch this thorough talk from Mark O’Bryne who covers a wide range of topics from why he chose to get into the Veterinary field, what he had to do to get there, why he loves it and just how diverse and fun the […]


Tom Wharton (M 96) Shirtmaker & Tailor, Barrington Ayre ‘My Career in Marketing & Fashion’

01 April 2021

After leaving College, Tom Wharton read Music at Newcastle University before working in media sales for a number of years.¬†After turning his energies to running Summer Camps, bringing foreign children to England during the summer holidays to learn English and experience English culture, he joined a small tailors based in London. Initially brought on board […]