Will Hobson

S 2021
“The Prince Albert Foundation Programme and Wellington College has completely changed my life around from one extreme to another!”

Will Hobson (S 21) has recently graduated from Wellington College and has started his training contract with Premiership rugby club, Harlequins. Will, shares with us how transformational he found his journey at Wellington College to be.

The Prince Albert Foundation programme and this school has completely changed my life around from one extreme to another. I was so nervous about joining when I found out I was offered the place and thought ‘what they are going to think of me?’, however everyone is normal and so very welcoming.

Wellington teaches you that every person is their own person.

You’ll have similar personalities to some people and think in similar ways, but you will never be the same. You learn to look for the good in people by being at Wellington.

During my time at Wellington, I found walking around Wellington taking it all in and stepping out on Big Side with the standard of players around me gave me that boost. It made me realise that if I am good enough to be a part this, I am good enough to be a part of anything.

Coming from where I was before I joined Wellington to having that level of confidence is something I never would have expected.

My dream for the Prince Albert programme is to see more kids come through this programme and for them to get the same opportunities I’ve had.