James Brown

Hg 2020
“Wellington has very much changed my view of myself.”

James Brown graduated from Wellington College in 2020. He is currently studying Theology at Oxford University and completed an internship at a Hedge Fund over the Summer of 2021.

I always had confidence in my abilities but never really viewed myself through the eyes of someone who should be respected. When I started to take myself seriously and decided to invest in and enrich myself, I began to view education as the tool to do that.

This changed perspective of education has enabled me to reach the next level and I couldn’t have done this without the opportunities that Wellington provided for me through the Prince Albert scholarship programme.

My internship role was to set up a university scholarship for a young leader at Eastside Young Leaders Academy (the mentoring academy that helped me get into Wellington) with an interest in finance. This opportunity came from a talk I gave about the Prince Albert programme which inspired a parent to generously offer to set up this scholarship.

If it had not been for my time at Wellington and my close relationship with the Prince Albert programme this opportunity for another child to be blessed in the way in which I have, could not have arisen.

Looking forward into the future my plan is to build a career in the Law balancing commercial practice with a focus on religious liberty law as well as giving back to my community in every way I can.