A number of OWs had expressed concern in the past that College no longer seemed to welcome the children of OWs

02 November 2015

A new Admissions Officer, James Dahl, listened to the concerns of the OW Society and the concern has been addressed. I am delighted to be able to report that, for the third year running, the proportion of offers to children with OW connections is just over 10% – the latest round of offers is for 3rd Form entrants in 2017 –  whereas in previous years this had fallen to around 4% per entry. More importantly, a high proportion of OW-connected applicants are successful in securing places each year. It is no mean feat to secure the offer of a place at Wellington as there are around eight applicants for every 3rd Form vacancy, hence pre-testing at 11 has become necessary, but applications on behalf of children with OW connections are warmly welcomed by College. I am happy to chat to OWs, off the Admissions ‘radar’ if preferred, if they should wish to discuss any aspect of the admissions process. My experience is that my approaches to College on behalf of OWs are answered swiftly and constructively. I would thus argue strongly that College is demonstrating by action rather than words that applications on behalf of the children of OWs are very welcome! However, I would encourage OWs to consider Wellington early as we are now beginning to look at the 2018 entry and it is difficult to secure a place as a late starter in the competition!