Virtual Workshop ‘Performing Under Pressure’ by Andy Coughlin and Ian Cochrane

13 May 2020

Andy Coughlin and Ian Cochrane will be hosting a fascinating one hour virtual workshop focused on helping you thrive when the pressure is on. Andy and Ian are partners with Gazing Performance Systems, the Gazing red2blue model is used by world class organisations including the New Zealand All Blacks, The Ghurka Regiment in the British Army and hundreds of companies and organisations globally. Between them, Andy and Ian have 30 years’ experience working with companies in over 30 countries, helping them manage pressure in challenging environments.

The session will help you understand the fundamentals of performance and get a fresh perspective on pressure (and where it comes from), as well as looking at:
• The building blocks of performance, and how these apply to any domain
• Where attention needs to be put to drive performance
• Understanding pressure and how to deal with it.

Earlier this term Andy and Ian held a similar workshop for 100+ Wellington students as part of the ‘Life Beyond Wellington’ programme, it was extremely well received by the students and we are delighted that they will be opening this up to the Wellington community.

‘The student contributions to Andy and Ian’s workshop was fantastic, I counted over 116 questions and comments asked by them! This response is a clear indication of how engaged they were with the workshop’ – Murray Lindo, Head of the Wellington Community and Director of Development