Thanksgiving Event at Eagle House

04 December 2019

On behalf of Andrew Barnard, the Headmaster of Eagle House School, we are delighted to warmly invite all former Eagle House pupils, parents and staff to join the Bicentenary celebrations for Eagle House in 2020.

Founded in 1820 the school reaches this exciting landmark in its history and is keen to extend its celebrations to all who have been involved in this journey to be an outstanding prep school.

One of the main events which Eagle House would love for you to join them at to celebrate the Schools history and achievement is a Thanksgiving service at Guildford Cathedral.

This event will be a chance to celebrate the achievements of the past 200 years and, also, to look forward to the next exciting chapter in Eagle House’s history.

For further information on this event or if you have any questions or queries please email

Eagle House would love to hear from you!