Surviving and Thriving Working Relationships Based on First Hand Experience by Natasha Christie-Miller

04 May 2021

In this fascinating live talk Natasha, President (CEO) of Ascential Intelligence, will give an overview of her incredible career so far and discuss the importance of surviving and thriving working relationships from first-hand experience.

‘I discovered early on in my working life that the work itself isn’t hard, we all get good at the technical side of whatever job we do through practice. The hard bit (and fascinating bit) is working with people and the inter-relationships between colleagues, clients, shareholders and all interested parties. I am lucky enough to mentor a number of people and it is the most frequent topic that comes up. How to influence, how to get ideas across, how to get the best out of people, how not to be made to feel awful by others…….. I hope to share with you a look at why we behave in certain ways in certain circumstances and how to catch ourselves and understand others so that we have more choices about how we react and behave. I’m not a psychologist or indeed trained in any behavioural science, but I am someone who has worked for 30 years in and around offices and have lots of experience and interest in how we show up as our best selves and help others do the same.

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