London Walking Tour: Treasures of Mayfair

21 November 2019

Famous for being worth top whack on the Monopoly Board, Mayfair is synonymous with exclusivity.  Known as the playground of the aristocracy, the nightclubs are high-end-celebrity-hangouts and everything from food to drink to fashion is luxurious.  But the place that was once muddy fields with an annual fair, has more to it than eye-watering property prices.  Behind the glittering shop fronts and busier streets, lies a world of stunning churches, beautiful architecture and delightful gardens; a world where reputations were made and lost, where wealth and sleaze lived side by side.  Come and immerse yourself in elegance and style and open your eyes wide to this glorious part of London.  It’s not to be missed!

Meeting Point (and the tour commences from here): By The Statue of Joshua Reynolds in the Courtyard of the Main Entrance to The Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly.

Please note the tour ends approximately 7 minutes from Bond Street Underground Station.

Tour starts at 11.15 am and will last for one hour and 40 mins.

Price £15.00

Registration and booking for this event is now open.