London Walking Tour – Mayfair

13 December 2021

Mayfair is now recognised as ‘an affluent part of central London’. Its origins are far removed from that.  The infamous fifteen-day fair gave the area its name and when developers moved in Mayfair began to reinvent itself and its desirability. The area attracted professionals and aristocracy from the outset and Sidney Smith described the area as encompassing “more intelligence and human ability, to say nothing of wealth and beauty, than the world as ever collected in a space before”.

Join me, a City of Westminster Guide, for a walk through ‘Marvellous Mayfair’ on Wednesday 23rd February at 11am and see if you agree with this early 19th century description.

The walk will take 2 hours maximum and will go ahead whatever the weather. Meeting place TBC

Tickets cost £18 per person and includes the fully guided tour.