Life Beyond Wellington Online Event: ‘Making Difficult Requests’ by Alan Palmer (M 73)

10 July 2020

The Life Beyond Wellington programme is designed to include talks and webinars that are insightful and inspirational for you as you maybe make your transition into the working world, think about a career change or consider learning different skills.


We have all at some point in our careers heard the advice that “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. Unhelpfully, this advice is rarely accompanied by complementary ideas on HOW you can make that difficult or ambitious request  – for a promotion, a transfer, a pay-rise, a budget increase, a deadline extension – in a way which is comfortable for both parties and which will give you the best chance of the request being granted.

However legitimate the ask, if you don’t know how to make it in comfort and security, the danger is either that you will put off doing so, perhaps even indefinitely, or that you will go ahead anyway but worry about the risk to your reputation and your relationships.

In this fascinating 90 minute workshop Alan will give you ideas and a framework for making that request whilst minimising the risk of damage and maximising the chance of success.


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