Fair Shot: the Cafe with a Conscience!

26 October 2022

Fair Shot Cafe, London, was set up to provide young adults with learning disabilities, such as autism and Down’s syndrome, the opportunity to train as baristas and cafe assistants before helping them to find jobs in the mainstream hospitality sector. The rate of unemployment among young adults with learning disabilities is very high, and so Fair Shot has been designed to tackle this social problem.

The charity was founded over two years ago by the family of OW Guido Tavella (Hg 11). Bianca, his sister, is the CEO and Founder – a social entrepreneur committed to fighting for equality & diversity. She received an international Point of Light Award as a result of her incredible work with the Cafe. Their mother, Aldina, is also heavily involved as the charity’s philanthropy expert, meaning family is at the heart of its operation.

Each year, the cafe takes on 12 young adults with learning disabilities. They provide them with a year of training and once they are ready, Fair Shot finds them a job in hospitality. The first cohort of trainees graduated in July, and they are now working on their own in hotels, cafés, & restaurants across London. The new cohort started at Fair Shot in September and are already quite settled in!

Fair Shot will shortly be moving to their new premises in Covent Garden and would be grateful for any and all support from the Wellington community.

Visit their website here: Fair Shot

Visit their Instagram page: @FairShotCafe