Bringing Unseen Art-Historical Essays to Life: ‘Inside the Cauldron’ by Leonora Carrington

06 October 2022

OW India Ayles (O 13), costume designer, is currently involved in the production of a non-profit short film Inside the Cauldron.

“The paintings of Leonora Carrington are not merely painted. They are brewed. They sometimes seem to have materialised in a cauldron at the stroke of midnight.” – Edward James

Inside the Cauldron is a short non-profit film based on an unpublished essay by the British surrealist artist Leonora Carrington [1917-2011]. Carrington gave a copy to her friend, the writer Dame Marina Warner, who entrusted it to us in 2019. We have been developing the film ever since.

In her essay, Carrington laments the destruction of the natural world by human greed and political warfare. Fifty years on this important text has emerged into a world experiencing the future that she imagined and feared- it is time for her voice to be heard. Our film will make visible this important discovery, but we need your help to make it possible.

Please visit this link to find out more or donate: Inside the Cauldron by The Derek Jarman Lab — Kickstarter