August OW Must Read

01 August 2022

Our OWs are an incredibly talented group and there have been many brilliant books written by OWs over the years.

Our OW must read for August “Laughter is the Best Weapon: The Remarkable Adventures of an Unconventional Soldier” is by Charles D. Ritchie, CBE (Hl 59) who managed to complete the book before sadly passing away in December of last year.

Charles abandons popular trend for military heroism and angst-ridden confessions and instead he leads the reader on a forthright yet light-hearted and self-deprecating journey through his 38 years’ service as a Royal Scot. In the process we witness his sometimes significant, but often comedic, participation in a wide range of recent British military operations. If you prefer your military history more entertainingly honest than earnestly intellectual and your soldiers hilariously slapstick rather than heroically stoic, then this is the book for you. Liberally sprinkled with career-limiting cock-ups, bizarre near-death experiences and the clatter not of gunfire but shameless name-dropping, these delightfully varied anecdotes deliver a hugely entertaining glimpse into the extraordinary life of one of the British Army’s most spirited and loveable characters.

Published by Pen and Sword, reviews of Charles’ book have been excellent.

For more information about the book as well as to purchase please contact the Community Department by emailing as we would be happy to put you in touch with Araminta, his wife who will be able to assist with this.

Please note proceeds from the book will go to Save the Children.