Calling all OWs in and around Edinburgh…!

31 July 2022

If you are attending Edinburgh Fringe festival, make sure you put ‘Greg’ on your itinerary as it’s a must to watch!

Written by recent OWs Hugh Williamson (R 21), Baxter Westby (S 21) and Iris Taylor (A 21) Greg is a twisting dark comedy, sometimes verging on the absurd….

Description of the Play:

“I wouldn’t put it past Greg… Michael and Sally haven’t seen their unorthodox best friend since leaving school, both of them having been distracted by their complex lives. When, after five years, they both receive an out of the blue text, their intrigue in the outrageous rumours surrounding him makes his invitation for a drink irresistible.”

This is the debut play of the Duck in Arms Theatre Company, and more information can be found via the poster as well as how to book here. 

Tickets are £7.50 per adult and £6.00 per adult for concessions.