October OW Must Reads!

06 October 2021

Our OWs are an incredibly talented group and there have been many brilliant books written by OWs over the years. This month we would like to draw your attention to two fascinating books; ‘The lives of the great and the good Honorary Freeman of the City of London’ by Bill Clark (p 69) and ‘A Shared Fire’ by Roy Klabin (Hn 01)

The lives of the great and the good Honorary Freeman of the City of London

A fascinating book by OW, Bill Clark, exploring the lives of Honorary Freemen since 1674, with all proceeds donated to ‘The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and The Woolmen Charity.

“I began researching the Honorary Freemen and found there were only 265 ever voted the distinction since 1674, and only nine are still alive. They have all done amazing things in their lives, such as naval cutting out operations, desperate army actions, explored unmapped countries, had adventures in South America; stories of rags to riches, spectacular falls from grace. royal scandals, politicians and philanthropists; English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh; American and Canadian; Australian and New Zealander; South African and Indian; Malaysian and Singaporean; French and German; Italian and Norwegian; and many others. So I wrote a book about the Honorary Freedom and all the amazing men and women who have been awarded it (500 pages and 130 pictures).” To order a copy click here.

A shared Fire

A Shared Fire is the first book in a trilogy of epic fantasies and Roy’s debut novel. It follows the adventures of four young friends, who find themselves lost in an unfamiliar reality. The group is forced to navigate a harrowing odyssey, full of difficult challenges and terrible dangers, as they desperately search for a way back home.

To find out more and to order a copy click here.

Roy Klabin is a writer, documentary filmmaker, and occasional Rabbi – to find out more have a look at his fascinating website: https://www.royklabin.com/