Waterloo Day Celebrations in Perth

22 June 2020

We are delighted to report that 8 OWs met up for drinks to celebrate Waterloo Day in Perth, Western Australia, including two “new” old boys, Mark Shipway (S 09) and Jonny Sole (S 09) who are quite recent arrivals to Western Australia. The full list, from left to right in the photo were:

Mark Shipway (S 09)
Adrian Momber (Pn 76)
Karel Osten (Hl 79)
Steve Graham (O 81)
Rob Gould (Bn 66)
Humphrey Hale (Hg 86)
David Irvine (Hg 89)
Jonny Sole (S 09)

“Due to relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions we were able to meet in the Captain Stirling Hotel just out of the City centre. The “rules” were that we had to keep seated and socially distance from each other though this was relaxed further for the photo! We decided over a beer or two that we would meet every year on the actual anniversary of the Battle and would also organise a dinner or lunch to include partners at a later date.”

Many thanks to Adrian Momber for sharing this with us, we hope you all had a fantastic time!