Hospitality for Heroes – an OW Initiative

02 April 2020

Hospitality for Heroes is a not-for-profit grass roots initiative which uses local skilled chefs to supply NHS staff with free, healthy meals using quality produce purchased from local suppliers, this wonderful initiative has been set up by a number of people including our very own OW James Levy-Vassie (04 O).

The chefs involved are head chefs at local restaurants as opposed to chains and they’re committed to providing healthy nutritious meals at a cost of approximately £3 per dish (to cover the cost of the fresh produce). MealHub have kindly volunteered their delivery service which can provide 3,000 meals a day to NHS hospitals, which is just amazing! Early funds will allow HFH to provide the staff of Charing Cross Hospital with meals. With your generosity, as funds increase the team have identified suitable Chefs, Suppliers & kitchens in locations around the country to feed more NHS staff.

This an incredible story of the hospitality industry coming together!

To find out more or to make a donation to this wonderful cause please visit: