First World War Memorial Website

08 August 2018

Wellington College is proud to announce the launch today (08.08.18) of our new First World War memorial website. Over 700 Old Wellingtonians, teachers and college servants died while serving in the War, and this site is our tribute to them and to the thousands of Wellingtonians who fought and survived.

The website contains a searchable Roll of Honour, recording details of each individual who died, and in most cases linking to the original entry published in the College Year Books of the period. Also featured are many digitised original documents, some relating to Wellingtonians on active service while others provide a vivid picture of how life at College was affected by the War. A further section explores the ways in which Wellington commemorated its fallen in the years following the War.

Today, 8th August, marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Amiens, the Allied offensive which ultimately led to the end of the War. As commemorations take place in France, we remember that 46 Wellingtonians lost their lives between 8th August and the Armistice in November.

Our memorial website is a permanent record, open to all, and can be found here:

It’s an invaluable resource for family historians, academics, local and military historians, as well as anyone with an interest in the history of Wellington. We encourage you to take a look!