Waterloo Day Celebrations

20 June 2018

Not one, not two, but three OW gatherings celebrating Waterloo Day!

David Delius, MBE (O 57) organised a Waterloo Day lunch in Wiltshire, hosting 22 fellow OWs.

Wellington College archivist Caroline Jones provided some photo albums and trophies from David’s era, which were greatly appreciated by those in attendance. And in fact, the contingent have offered to help name some of the currently unidentified students in the albums.

In addition, the Community Office sent down some Wellington College Claret for the occasion.

OW Joe Charlesworth (Bd 57) said: “It could hardly have been much better if the Duke himself had been with us! Perhaps he smiled down upon us from above!”

Many thanks to David for organising, and sending us a picture.


On a bleak winter’s night in the nation’s capital, six hardy OWs and 5 partners gathered for dinner at Buvette Bistro and Wine Bar at the Realm Hotel in Barton, Canberra.

Present, in order of seniority, were:

John Daly (HL 42-45) and Joanna Daly

David Waghorn (O 55-58) and Jean Waghorn

Mike Todd (HL 60-65)

Vernon Keighley (C 65-70) and Carol Keighley

Edward Bristow (C 68-72) and Sue Sadauskas

Charles Keighley (C 70-75) and Hilary Keighley.

Many thanks to Edward for organising, and sending us through a few pictures!

And in the far reaches of Austrailia, Nigel Scott- Miller ( A 47 ) and Barry Todd ( Hn 51 ) are pleased to report that they celebrated the great day by having lunch chez-Todd.  Ola Todd provided a delicious meal, the highlight of which was ‘Boeuf Wellington’, and Nigel the red wine and chocolates.

The Wellington Community office is always happy to support occasions for OWs, especially on such an historic day.