RESCO: looking for short-term corporate sponsorship

16 September 2016

I work for a social impact business called Resco, whose goal is to dismantle poverty through business. To cut to the chase – we’re looking for short-term corporate sponsorship. Our strategic plan is to see our businesses cover the costs of our social impact by 2018 but in the interim we are seeking funding of (in total) £360k. This email is intended for OWs who are in positions of corporate influence in businesses that are looking to establish or expand their social awareness by supporting initiatives such as Resco. That said, we hope that corporate sponsorship with us is not a one-way street and are thus seeking mutually beneficial commercial partnerships. We have created 3 levels of annual partnership: Advocate, Champion and Impact Partner. If you are interested in partnering with us and the cause that we are seeking to pioneer, then please do get in touch and we can discuss further what we might be able to offer your organisation in return for your generosity

What we do – Social Impact and Business.
At Resco, we believe that every business has the opportunity to have a positive social impact on its community. For us, that impact has been about supporting the long-term unemployed. We run an employability programme for people with major barriers to employment. This often takes the form of a mental or physical health problem, past convictions or addictions issues. On average, participants join us having had 5 years continuous unemployment.

During the 16-week programme, the participants do a placement in one of our businesses. We currently have two businesses: a furniture and appliance business and an award-winning cafe, both based in West London. During their 16 weeks, participants receive work experience, mentoring, training, IT support and learning support. The hope is that by the end of the 16 weeks, they leave us more confident, equipped with a reference, an excellent CV and ready for full-time employment.

Currently, 65% of participants who complete the programme move into full-time employment within 12 months (compared to 10-13% of participants on government programmes).

We are passionate about business, and the power that it has to generate social change. We believe that profitability and sustainability are critical to creating lasting and tangible social change, especially in a society that is so dependent on state institutions and resources. But we also believe that businesses can thrive when profit is viewed in equal importance to social impact. What we are looking for, in the short-term, is a charitable donation to help us cover the charitable costs of the programme whilst the business continues to grow. We believe that in two years we will see the businesses flourishing to a point where the costs of the employability programme will be fully covered by their profit.

Please get in touch for more information and thanks in advance for any support you might be able to offer.

Hugh Chichester
Business Operations Manager