The Telegraph Festival of Education

19 July 2016

In June, Wellington proudly hosted the Festival of Education. Event Co-Director at Festival of Education: Philippa Barton (Aps 87). Rory Bremner (Hn. 79) and Will Young (Hn. 97) both took part alongside a number of Wellington staff.

“For these last two days it seemed that Wellington was at the very centre of the educational universe, and there was a sense that the things we discovered and shared will make a real difference to the way we go about preparing our young for their future lives. The festival was indeed the forum for those who inspire to find their own inspiration: it was both reflective and outward looking, and there was an unshakable belief in the power of education to forge a better and more inclusive future for the next generation. As we wake to a new dawn, and a rapidly changing geo-political landscape, I remain convinced of our duty as teachers and leaders to inspire a belief that tomorrow’s world can indeed be one that values and rewards the contribution of all, regardless of race, creed or colour. Wellington is ready for the challenge!”
Julian Thomas