Work begins on the new Cultural Quarter

02 February 2016

The most ambitious building project we have undertaken in many years, the new Cultural Quarter will be a stunning addition to the cultural life of the College and the wider community.

The vibrant Cultural Quarter will open up a myriad of possibilities, embracing the benefts of an holistic education and providing a cultural laboratory where students can experiment, create, perform and engage with their peers.

It will be home to the new Performing Arts Centre – which houses the Performance Auditorium and Cultural Living Room – and set within a beautiful landscape including gardens, walkways, and a central ‘plaza’ that will become both a cultural and social hub for the College.

£8m has been raised by the generosity of parents and OWs, £2m will be funded by the College – we now need to raise the final £2m. Our ambition is to start work in Summer 2016 for a projected opening November 2017.