Path of Duty Historic Tour

08 August 2018

9:45am – 12:30pm, Great School

Founded in 1859 as a living memorial to Britain’s most famous general, Arthur, Duke of Wellington, the College has a history like no other school in Britain or indeed the world. ‘The Wellington Path of Duty Historic Tour’, led by Old Wellingtonian Dr Patrick Mileham (former soldier and author of the 2008 ‘Wellington College the First 150 Years’), takes visitors on a tour around the original buildings designed by Victorian architects John Shaw, Gilbert Scott and others. We will view the large collection of statuary and fine paintings as well as museum memorabilia of the Duke, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and numerous Old Wellingtonians. The tour will take in the College ‘history boards’ and memorials to those who died in the wars of the twentieth century, doing their duty and service.

The Historic Tour tells the fascinating story, worthy of today’s pupils and staff, as well as the expanding family of national and international institutions, the Wellington Family of Schools. Limited to 50 places.