Pastoral Talk: The Challenges of Adolescence – Anna Albert and Gill Denne

02 January 2019

Adolescence can be a turbulent time involving great changes, not only for the young person concerned, but also for their families. Almost overnight it can feel like a parent’s role and relationship with their child is different – in some respects in ways that are welcomed and in others, in ways that are not. Many of the difficulties experienced, however painful for all concerned, are often considered to be part of the healthy process of a young person navigating the demanding process and social expectations involved in the metamorphosis from child to adult.

In raising one’s own teens, it helps to understand this process and to keep this as an anchor when helping them through what can be an immensely challenging life transition. Gill and Anna are counsellors at Wellington College, as well as parents who have parented or are currently parenting teens, and with many years’ experience of working therapeutically with young people. In this talk they hope to offer parents further insight into this special age and what is most needed of them at this time, as well as some reassurance that they are not alone in sometimes feeling out of their depth in how best to parent their child.