Online Event – Managing the Stress from Change with Patrick Melville

30 October 2020

How are you managing the Mental Health for yourself and those around you? Patrick Melville (Hn 97) wants to inspire and guide YOU to find the right ways to answer this question. Building your Mental Resilience is core to this, especially through these tough times – Isolation, ‘Leavism’, Work v Life balance ….

Patrick will cover practical ways to find your answers immediately in this free 30 minute talk and share his experience and answer to change by discussing the following:

  • Sudden diagnosis with a terminal malignant brain tumour: Stage 4, Glioblastoma and now in remission for 18 months, and with his driver’s license back!
  • Finding ways to build Mental Resilience to cope with stress and change – what techniques can help you now.
  • Sharing academic tips from Mental Health First Aid England (Patrick is an instructor) – proven ways to manage your stress and work with others.