Life Beyond Wellington talk – ‘Wellbeing and a Fulfilling Career’ by Chris Hardy (Bn 04)

03 September 2020

In this fascinating session Chris will share stories from his unusual career journey, the relevance of mental health to a satisfying career and practical strategies for wellbeing that you can begin to apply immediately. Chris started his career journey as a teacher, he soon realised teaching wasn’t for him and left for Ibiza where his interest of wellbeing and holistic health was sparked. He then went onto to start two businesses, one an award-winning social enterprise and the other a coaching practice that is still thriving today.

Our mental health is paramount. Think about it; what are we doing if not figuring out ways to live that have us feel good, satisfied and happy? Chris will share his own mental health story and how your own personal wellbeing links to a satisfying career. He will also talk through how we can all incorporate small rituals and practices that promote a sound foundation of mental health into your daily routines. As well as talking through practical strategies and the five foundations to good mental health nutrition, exercise, rest, meditation and relationships.

Chris had been a trainer for work wellbeing for five years and has delivered 100s of session covering all aspects of wellbeing. In this session we will explore how sleep is becoming an increasingly rare and valuable commodity, what meditation is and how to demystify this fundamentally useful practice, and the importance of having a body practice that keeps you flexible and vital.

The intention is that you’ll leave this session with some fresh perspectives on what a ‘good career’ means and looks like, and you’ll also feel ready to incorporate a few simple wellbeing practices into your daily rhythm.

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