Art History Talk with Adam Rattray

02 April 2019

Adam Rattray, Head of Art History will be talking about the fascinating Carl Fabergé: Master goldsmith to the last court of Russia.

Goldsmith, designer, and businessman of genius, Carl Faberge is best remembered for the 50 imperial Easter Eggs he designed for the Royal Empress Maria Alexandria between 1855 and 1917.

He was however much more than a designer of Imperial Eggs, his firm (which numbered 500 employees at its height) made over 150,000 objects de luxe, everything from cigarette boxes to cane handles, jewellery to letter openers. Each of these objects was unique, making Faberge the most inventive and sought-after jeweller of his generation, with clients ranging from the Astors in New York to the Rothschilds of Europe. Join us to find out more on this fascinating topic.

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