John Sworder (C 49) 

01 March 2024

John arrived at College as a Foundationer and left as Head of Dorm and member of the UX, joining the RMA in 1949 before regimental duties with the RA and the RHA between 1954 and 1957 and retiring in 1968. He married Jillian in 1957 and they had 3 daughters before her untimely death in 1972.

John worked for Shell from 1968-80 and directed the Mounted Events at the Royal Tournament from 1977-83. An avid caravanner, he devoted much of the next 10 years of his working life to the Caravan Club and to the International Camping and Caravanning Federation.

Wellington was lucky to have him back in 1990 when he took on the role of Secretary to the OW Society at a time of great change. It was his devotion to the Society and his painstaking work on the Year Book which marked him out as a special man . Though living in Kent, he lodged midweek in the Long Corridor and worked all hours of the day to restore equilibrium to alumni affairs. Christabel, whom he married in 1973, had the patience of a saint to allow it, but no-one else could do what John achieved over his 10 years with the Society and his successors have every reason to be grateful. 

John Sworder 21/10/1930 – 22/07/ 2020