The Kingsleys

23 March 2023

Later today, members of the College community, from students to teachers and support staff, will be taking part in the annual Kingsleys run. 

The Kingsleys is Wellington’s oldest sporting event and was first introduced in 1860, just a year after the College opened. It got its name from the Rector of Eversley, Rev Charles Kingsley, who would take the boys out running and offered a prize for a ‘steeplechase’ race. This was held in Blackwater meadows, down to the southwest of College, and would include several wet ditches, boggy areas and the crossing of the Blackwater river. 

The location of the race changed in 1964, when there were concerns about water pollution, and so, the current route around College was established, which famously takes on its own water obstacle, Swan Lake!  

Other traditions have developed including applying body paint in House colours as well as carrying various items such as a stretcher (now without occupant) and a canoe around the course. 

We look forward to the race today and hope everyone involved has a great time!

Hear all about the history of the Kingsleys here, or read more about the history of running at Wellington on our heritage website!