Introducing the Wellington College Heritage Website!

07 December 2022

Edwardian Speech Day at Wellington College

Edwardian Speech Day at Wellington College


Today we celebrate the launch of the Wellington College Heritage Website! 

Wellington College was opened in 1859 as the living memorial to the first Duke of Wellington. Since then, Wellington has expanded into one of Britain’s leading independent schools, developing its own rich traditions and distinctive character.  

Our heritage website allows you to explore the Wellington story through our cherished collections of archives and artefacts, as well as films, podcasts, written accounts and more!

In particular, the website is home to the ‘Decades Project’; launched in 2020, the project aims to record the authentic Wellington student experience of the 20th Century, through the first-hand accounts of our alumni. 

We began with our oldest cohort of Old Wellingtonians, those who were at College in the 1940s & 1950s, and are incredibly grateful to the 130 OWs who took the time to respond. We also want to thank those who sent in wonderful original material such as photographs, school reports and play programmes. Together with material from the College archives, they make up the wealth of knowledge in the Decades library. 

We hope that browsing the heritage website will be a trip down memory lane for those who remember the decades in question, and a vivid insight into a different time for those who do not! 

Check out the heritage website here: Welcome to our heritage site. – The Wellington Community (