Marcus & Oli’s World Cycle Tour

13 May 2022

Oli Lyon (M 12) alongside his friend, Marcus Pillinger are cycling around the world not only for an adventure, but also to raise money for School in a Bag, a charity that provides educational supplies for less advantaged children worldwide.

Together, they will be wild camping most of the way, carrying all of their own gear; clothes, tents, tools, stove and so on! They started the journey on the 2nd of May 2022 and the plan is an 18,000-mile route that will take them through 25 countries!

You can follow their epic journey via their website: where you will find more details about Oli and Marcus, the School in a Bag charity and a direct link to the donations page:

We look forward to following their journey!


Left: Oli Lyon (M 12)

Right: Marcus Pillinger