March OW Must Read!

30 March 2022

Our OWs are an incredibly talented group and there have been many brilliant books written by OWs over the years. At the end of this month we would like to draw your attention to four books of historical fiction which are mainly about World War 1 (WW1) in the Middle East.

Author, Nigel Messenger (Bl 66) self published three them and two of his books follow the history of members of his family during both World Wars.

Nigel’s interest in writing started when he heard about a battle in WW1 in Palestine where the British learned about the tactics used by Jonathan of the Old Testament 3000 years before. They were in exactly the same place where Jonathan was, in Michmash, facing the Ottomans. After reading the Book of Samuel they copied his tactics winning a resounding victory against almost impossible odds.

Nigel was hooked! He had to wait until his career was coming to an end to have time to investigate. He subsequently visited the battlefield and the result was his first book ‘The Michmash Miracles.’ After doing so much research he went on to write three more books. Nigel is currently writing a book about the Crusades, again historical fiction.

All of Nigel’s books are available on all the major book sites and more information can be found here.