Afghan Resettlement Appeal – We need your help

28 August 2021

As we have all looked on at the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan over the past few weeks and the huge evacuation operation, the College has been exploring ways in which we can support our armed forces.

As you can imagine, it is an operation on a vast scale. The families were flown to the UK, mostly on military aircraft (backed up with commercial flights), into several UK airports, from where they were transported safely to various locations in the Midlands and wherein they are currently undergoing document processing and a 14-day quarantine. Following this period, they will be rehoused across the UK. Although they may be fortunate to be granted a roof over their heads, they will have little more than that and will be without many basic everyday essentials.

It is at times such as this that we all wish to do what we can to support and help these families in need, as they start the difficult challenge of rebuilding their lives.

Thanks to the approach from a Wellingtonian family with a charitable relationship with the UK Special Forces, we are launching the ‘Afghan Resettlement Appeal’. This initiative is aimed to put together Welcome Care Packages to provide clothing and starter kit boxes full of everyday essentials. By doing so, we hope to make a tangible difference by providing our Afghan Allies with an immediate lifeline towards a secure and safe future in this country.

To this end, we need your help.

Between now and Sunday 5 September we are hoping that the Wellington Community will be able to provide items so that we can support the creation of as many Welcome Care Packages as possible. Here is a list of items we will be including in the different care package boxes which will be consolidated from the physical and financial donations.

If you would like to contribute any physical donations from the inventory of items required, donations can be received as noted below, between the following times:

Items to be delivered to the Security Team in the Porters’ Lodge:

Monday 30 August: 1200 –1800hrs

Tuesday 31 August:1000 –1800hrs

Wednesday 1 September:1000 –1800hrs

Thursday 2 September:1000 –1800hrs

Items to be delivered to The Robin Dyer Centre:

Friday 3 September: 0900 –1800hrs

Saturday 4 September:0900 –1800hrs

On Friday 3 and Saturday 4 September, donations will be moved to the Robin Dyer Centre where they will be sorted and packaged into boxes. Military transport will then collect the packages on the evening of Sunday 5 September for distribution across the UK.

In what ways can you help?

Any help will be gratefully received.

➢Physical Donations–which should be of good condition if pre-loved or new (if at all possible)

Financial Donations to the Afghan UK Resettlement Appeal, should be made by bank transfer to:

      Account Name: S A Graham-Bell

      Ref: Afghan UK Resettlement Appeal

      Account Number: 83447731

      Barclays Bank Sort Code:20-68-79


➢Volunteer to help sort, organize, and package the donations on any of the following days at the Robin Dyer Centre:

      Friday 3 September:0900 –1800hrs

      Saturday 4 September:0900 –1800hrs

      Sunday 5 September:0900 –1800hrs


If you are interested in volunteering, please make contact via our specific appeal email address: (which will be active and manned from midday on Tuesday 31 August).

➢Cards or letters with a ‘Show of Support’ messages are encouraged and will be included with the Family Welcome Care Packages.