OW Waterloo Day Celebration in Western Australia

01 June 2021

On Friday 18th June, 10 OWs and partners got together for their annual Western Australia Waterloo Day Celebrations. Robert and Kate Gould very kindly hosted the drinks reception at their new home.

Many thanks to Adrian Momber for sharing this with us, we hope you all had a fantastic time!

List of OWs who attended from left to right are:

Stuart Hawley – Hl 95.3
Ben Bowtell – Hn 2005.3
Adrian Momber – Pn 71.3
Joff Ward – S 64.3
Charlie Maughan – M 2004.3
Stephen Graham – O 76.3
Humphrey Hale – Hg 81.3
Mark Shipway – S 2004.3
Antony Raymond – Hl 98.3
Robert Gould – Bn 62.1