OW Jack Trigger (M 12): Around the world with type 1 diabetes

09 February 2021

Follow Jack Trigger on his journey to become the first type 1 diabetic to compete in the legendary Vendée Globe.

The Vendée Globe is one of the toughest endurance challenges on earth – non stop, solo and unassisted around the world in record breaking 60ft racing yachts. The current race has just finished with the closest result ever (check it out), and Jack has announced his participation in the next edition.

The project is massively purpose driven, as Jack and his team continue to drive awareness and education in the diabetes space around the racing schedule (Jack is type 1 diabetic and will be the first to compete in any race like this), as well as carry important messages around mental wellbeing, resilience and isolation. All very relevant topics at the moment.

The official launch for the campaign will take place in the Spring and Jack and his team are looking for more support. It’s going to be a mad adventure and it is Jacks intention to share the journey with as many people as possible. If you want to be a part of it, or if you just think it’s cool, get in touch by clicking here! The opportunities are diverse and exciting and it’s a good time for us to all dream a little..

To find out more please follow this link.